Friday, September 26, 2003

8 days to go

It seems I need to practice lucid dreaming. I had a doozy last night, which completely ran away from me.

I was, for some unknown reason, at the Bears-Packers game on Monday night. I, for some reason, during a play, ran onto the field and beat up the Packers' kicker, Ryan Longwell. He was pretty easy to lay out, too. I then ran back to my friends. I had gotten away with it. At least for the time being.

I'll skip the details from here on out. Let's just say that my overwhelming guilt(an emotion I don't usually feel) caused me to turn myself in. I wasn't punished at all(after all, Chicago hates the Packers, as do I), but I was told that I had opened myself up to a lot of problems, up to and including having my friend's boss' season tickets revoked because of my behaviour.

So, am I too passionate about sports lately? Nah. Hockey doesn't start for another 12 days. While I do like football, I'd rather be at a hockey game any day.

Me, I think it's all about how much I hate the Packers, but would feel guilty about helping the Bears win.

Take that, subconscious mind!


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