Thursday, September 25, 2003

9 days to go
Part II: It's the little things

This morning, I shaved my head in a different way. Suddenly, I'm much happier.
At lunch, our waitress knew what sodas to bring us, because we've gotten predictable. I like having a "usual" even if it is Sprite.

Tomorrow, I'm going to have a beer with lunch, just to throw her off. I am sometimes evil like that.

I was asked for the millionth time last night about what I want for my birthday. I don't blame this person for asking, nor do I resent it, I just haven't taken time to think about it. So, I'll make a wish list that's far too expensive for anyone to want to spend, but still reasonable enough that someone might(sucker!):

An authentic 1980 US hockey jersey with Neal Broten's number on it.
Season 6 and 7 of Star Trek: The Next Generation(don't worry, I've got 1-5 already).
A bottle of Macallan 30-year old scotch(although I think someone already got this).
A new computer desk.
A new dresser.
An authentic Minnesota Wild jersey(road) with my number(73) and name(uh, Ahrens)*.
A plasma monitor.
A new computer, for that matter.
Season tickets to the Chicago Wolves.

Looking for something more reasonable? Good. Most of those presents are in the $100-1500 range, something I couldn't expect anyone to spend on me. I like DVD's. I like music. I like hockey. Can I be more specific? If I really thought about it. I'm not going to list out every CD and DVD I want right now. I'm sure is really happy I'm not.

Anyways, a wish list is just that, a wish list.

I've got Simpsons to watch now(season 3 is out on DVD!). More blogstastic stuff later.

*I already have a Wolves authentic on the way, one of my presents to myself.


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