Tuesday, October 28, 2003


I want there to be a show where each week you get to see an hour of my normal day. In real time, of course. Maybe not even make it only one day, just have a camera follow me around for that hour of the day each week. So, first off, there's a camera with me from 12-1, you'll see that tonight. Next Tuesday, you'll see what happens to me from 1-2. It'll be fun, because I don't sleep much, of course, I typically sleep from 1-6:30 or so, so it'll start off slow. Imagine the previews: Next week of Logan's Dave 24: Dave gets mad at a motorist and flips them the bird. Terrorists try to seize control of his George Foreman Grill and special guest star Wendy visits from Boston. Tuesday at 9.

Now, who wouldn't want to watch that? Ok. Probably no one, but it'd be funny, no? A reality show about nothing?

I'm sure I could come up with more shows to spoof and turn into something about me. Not that I'm egomaniacal or anything. I just think it would be fun.


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