Wednesday, October 15, 2003

25 minutes to go...

...until 48 hours without a response from the under 24 hour responding Alamo website.

I know everyone's getting tired of reading about this, but I really can't bitch about that asshole from the cubs game last night. Did he piss me off? Yes. Had I been sitting next to him, he probably wouldn't have been escorted by security out of the game. Well, unless the coroner's office needed the security. I figure he's already suffered enough. Could you even imagine going back to work the day after that? Especially if your office/school/whatever had one other Cub fan in the entire office(and at this point in the space-time line, well, there really isn't a place where you'll not find a Cub fan in Chicago)?

I'm guessing he's on a midnight train to Nome. I sure as hell would be. Enough on that.

Senior project winds up tomorrow. I expect there will be a drink or two poured down the throat of each member of my team. We've earned it. Let's just hope that our teacher agrees with us.

Ok. Time to do some work. Maybe even clean the catbox.


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