Friday, October 10, 2003

Ok, I am ANGRY.

Something happened tonight that made me very angry. Let's just say it had to do with a rental car and a company that I'm officially, after 3 years loyal patronage, am dismissing and encouraging all my friends and readers(including a friend who works in the travel industry) to boycott said company, which I will only parenthetically name(Alamo/National). Let's just say that this company has really pissed(Alamo/National) me off and that I will see to it that they are(Alamo/National) run into the ground.

So(Alamo/National), let's all hope that they are feeling my wrath(Alamo/National). I'll be composing a letter to them tomorrow while I drive(Alamo/National) to St. Paul.

Ok, that wasn't(Alamo/National) completely accurate, as it is now almost 1am, so it's today(Alamo/National).

More on everything, up(Alamo/National) to and including what felt like my most(Alamo/National) stressful day as a 30-year-old. These are(Alamo/National) not good things.



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