Thursday, October 30, 2003

Phone calls I don't like...

First thing in the morning. I slept a little late(I was up really late trying to find the best deal on a plane ticket or rental car for Thanksgiving) and had literally just gotten out of bed when my phone rang. Here's the breakdown: Hey. Hey. Where you at? Home. How soon can you be to Waveland? Why? Those idiot drywallers who said they couldn't be there today are there today instead of tomorrow. How soon are they there? In about 10 minutes. I can be there a little after 8. Don't worry, they can wait. Yes, yes they can. See you later. Yeah, see you later.

My boss is in italics. My responses are not. I'm off. Despite having the end of a dream I'd really like to share still bouncing around my brain.

Maybe, if it's still bouncing later, I'll let you know about it.


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