Friday, October 31, 2003

A week off from school...

And all I've done is watch PBS and think a lot.

Last night I found out that probably most all of the "demonic possessions" that christians, and well, pretty much everyone else used as excuses to kill and persecute people were caused by a grain fungus called Ergot. This is how the Salem which hunt of 1692 got started- all these girls were eating bread from the same ergot-infected field of wheat. So, bonus question: what can you make from ergot extract?

(drumroll) LSD! Whoo-hoo!

So, all these puritan christian folk were tripping out, and decided to say that they were bewitched, and all these other folks were tortured and some were killed!

Of course, I know that medical science, much less science wasn't all that, 309 years ago, but c'mon people. Neither was agricultural science, but you might have noticed the black kernels when you were harvesting. Anyways. I'm a little bit high on my horse this morning. I should stop that.

Ok. It seems a lot of people knew this before I did, but if you didn't, well you learned something today.


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