Saturday, October 25, 2003

Why stop now?

Let's party for the rest of the night.

Sorry. I've been listening to the new(and last) Warren Zevon album. It's good. It's probably something I shouldn't listen to on the way to and back from a friend's funeral, but I think that's what he would have wanted. Actually, he would have wanted me to listen to Bruce Springsteen or Johnny Cash, but I'm sure he'd like the Warren Zevon album.

Everyone should read this article, just as a friend of Wendy's posted on her blog. I'm starting to sense a theme that we as Americans(although if you were at the comedy show I was on Thursday, you wouldn't call yourself an American anymore), are working too hard for stuff that we don't need. We've gotten away from the basics so far that we're no longer in touch with our needs. This article talks about it. The comedian talked about it. I'm blubbering about it, somewhat.

In honor of absolutely nothing, I'm declaring today to be National Dave's Making Too Many Web Links Day. Don't worry. I won't send you a card or anything, it's just something I came up with.

Ok. I should be doing something. Probably laundry. After all, it's piled up everywhere. My housekeeping skills are definitely not here this week. Any week, for that matter.

There you have it. I'm going to get something done.


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