Monday, May 31, 2004

As promised:

Yesterday I promised to explain the irony of waking up at 4 am in Chicago on a Sunday. It's really quite simple.

Chicago is a drinking town. Always has been, always will be. What would you expect from a city once virtually run by Al Capone? In Chicago, we have two kinds of bars: 2am and 4am. Those, of course, would be the closing times. What's really fun is that on Saturdays, all bars have permission to extend their hours by one hour, so when I was waking up at 4 on Sunday morning, there were people still ordering another drink. Had I not been riding a 30 mile course, I probably could have stopped by and gotten myself a brew.

Bike the Drive is a wonderful experience. I fully intend on getting more people to ride with me next year, hopefully my brother and father, for two. And hopefully, by then, I will have had my knees fixed again, so that they're not so painful. Honestly, I kept a good pace, and I was comfortable, but after about 20 miles(including biking downtown), they got pretty bad. I fought through it, of course, but wasn't terribly happy.

Afterwards, we went to breakfast, which was wonderful. Then, the storms started. It was pretty scary, so we decided not to bike home, but to take the train. Nothing could have been wiser. After that, I rewarded myself with the traditional beer in the shower. This year, I treated myself to a Guinness. Then, I made a cake for my friend's 35th birthday party, and headed out and about. After the party things went awry, but I'm still alive and well. I was just too damn tired, and everyone else wanted to keep the party going, but wasn't coordinating.

That's where we are now. I've got some housework to do, so I'm off to do that.


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