Monday, May 24, 2004

Too busy a weekend to blog.

It wasn't nearly as exciting other weekends I'm sure to be reading about later on, but I was crazy busy active this weekend. So, let's run through our now traditional Monday weekend recap:

Friday, well that was supposed to be a mellow evening, and it was, relatively speaking. I picked up my packet for the Bike the Drive Ride, then went down to my local watering hole to get watered. I caught up with my roommate at another place, because the friend I was supposed to meet just wasn't leaving the confines of Evanston. I then headed back to the first place to talk with the people I had been getting to know earlier. Then it was beddy-bye. A little later than I wanted to, but I got there nonetheless.

Saturday started off with an incredible bike ride with my friend D. We headed from my house, all the way to Promontory Point. It was a great ride- and I felt great afterwards. I was covered in dirt and sweat, but that was easily rectified with a nice shower. After that, it was time for some softball up in Roger's Park with our new and improved softball team. It was just a practice, but it was a sorely needed practice. None of us had played in 2 years. The field was wet, but we played anyways, which led to a lot of errors and mud-covered appendages. I was one of the worse off, with both legs covered in different colors of mud. I did, however hit the scrimmage-winning RBI double. I was very proud.

Then, we barbequed. And drank. And I went home, took a shower, and went out again. The soreness from all the softball and the exquisite pain from thrashing around in the mud didn't set in until yesterday morning, when I decided to take a day off from major activity and just try to relax. It worked like a charm, after I did laundry. I wound up running pub quiz last night, too. It was fun.

So, that's the weekend, sans all the political commentary I wanted to make. I didn't have the energy, frankly.

There you have it.


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