Monday, June 14, 2004

Funny story

I spent about 40 minutes on the phone with my grandmother yesterday, just to say hi, and to take care of some unfinished business. She received a call from Cook County Jail some time ago, hung up on the caller, thought it might have been me, left me a message on my cell phone. Unfortunately the message was garbled, so I didn't hear the full gravity of the situation. When I finally got a hold of them a couple days later, I left a message. I got a letter with some pictures from them a couple days after that, and in the letter she told me about the call from CCJ. I immediately called and wound up leaving another message, explaining that rumors of my incarceration were greatly exaggerated, and not to worry.

Finally, I got a hold of her, yesterday morning. We laughed about the jail phone call. Then she told me a story about boiling some eggs. She started boiling some eggs to make whatever one needs boiled eggs for and walked down to the garage, where my grandfather was washing his aunt's old car. The decided to go for a drive, just to keep the car in good working order. Of course, she forgot about the eggs.

When they arrived home some 2 hours later, there was bits of egg on the ceiling, stuck to the bottom of the microwave, and all over her shelves of antiques. She said she was mad about it then, but can laugh about it now. I just had to share, because I was laughing uproariously about it with her.

I have yet another funny story, but I'm going to get permission from someone before I recant it. It's funny, and hard to keep in, though.


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