Friday, June 04, 2004

It is only 4 months til my birthday...

As the Redhead stated yesterday, our birthdays are coming up.

Thinking of sending something Chicago-way? Here's an idea.

Me, I'm thinking I might spend my 31st birthday in Boston, celebrating the Redhead's 30th. That Saturday, my best friend turns 30 on the same day my roommate turns 33. There's a lot of October birthdays in my world(too many to mention). I like it like that. Sadly, I see very little excitement in turning 31. There's really nothing remarkable about being in your 30's. I feel like I'm just treading water until I turn 40. Maybe I should get on the whole start a family and settle down thing. Maybe not. I think I've got some party days left in me. I seem to remember saying something along these lines last weekend: "you know all those people who think you should be married and have kids by the time you're thirty? They had to be home at 7. Let's go to the karaoke bar."

Long live rock.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is this nonsense? There is another Redhead in your life? I am not sure I know how to reconcile this information. Will I be Red Chicago? How will this work??

5:29 PM  

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