Thursday, June 10, 2004

A little bit about myself and why my day started on the wrong foot.

I am from the upper midwest. I was born in Sterling, IL and grew up in Chicago, Kitchener, ONT, and St. Paul, MN, respectively. All these places have one thing in common: they're not that warm. Ergo, I am rather accustomed to cold. I wear shorts in the winger. I revel in temperatures between 52 and 72 degrees(that's 11 and 22 Centigrade). So this morning, as I'm sitting on the train, I sit, as I usually do, next to the window so I can rest my arm on the air conditioning vent(I like it cool). I sit there for the whole ride, just looking out the window and keeping my arm cool. It's raining, so I'm happy for the temperature drop and unhappy with being wet. But my arm is unusually cool today. Finally, I look down, and realize that the window has a leak, and my arm is resting on an air-conditioned puddle of water.

This story doesn't include the conversation the crazy guy was having with I don't know who. He just kept talking, I presumed to someone behind me, but I wasn't paying that close of attention to him. He could have been talking to me, honestly, but I never gave him my attention. I was happy when he got off the train before me, because he had a bike with him and was going to be impossible to navigate around.

Anyways- as I was walking in the rain to work(although I shouldn't bitch too much, it was down to a drizzle), a garbage barge went under the bridge at Jackson right as I was walking over. I am sensitive to smells. This was not a pleasant one.

To end my bitch-fest, we're having random logon problem day around here, which means I get a lot of calls that are thankfully easy to solve, but a pain in the ass to get the clients to conform to.

The bitch session ends.


Thanks for listening!


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