Monday, June 14, 2004

Maybe I won't enter...

A friend of mine forwarded some information to me about a kilt wearing contest at Chief O'Neill's this Friday, but after reading this article, I'm a little gunshy about participating. The contest itself isn't really about the kilt, it's about the legs. Apparently a panel of local female celebrities will be judging our legs. Now, while I know I've got pretty decent gams(frequent bike riding has its benefits), they will be looking specifically at the knees. Mine are pretty beat up. Between surgery scars and well, more scars, they're not the best looking. I dunno. This may be the last time I could enter such a contest, as I have the feeling that my next knee surgery will be a major one, as opposed to the nice orthoscopic ones I had last time around.

We shall see. If I do participate, you can count on pictures being posted.


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