Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Won't you help to sing?

Upon my arrival home from work today, I discovered two things. One, that it was time to turn on the air. Electric bill be damned. Second, that my Johnny Cash Unearthed Box Set had arrived.

I've been known to buy CD's solely to obtain one song. It's not the most economical way to live, but I fully admit that I'll do it. I'll usually find something else I like on it, and in this case, I was going to buy this anyway. I was simply waiting for a time when I had the money to do so comfortably. When I was CD shopping last week, I took another hard look at this, and for the first time noticed something that made it worth spending any amount on. Disc 3, Track 3 is Redemption Song. Johnny is performing with none other than Joe Strummer.

Two of my favorite musicians performing my favorite reggae song. Both of which died in the last 18 months, I teared up, and I felt every word.

Every word.


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