Saturday, July 24, 2004

Morning has broken...

I had an early night last night, by design. I was tired. I needed to try to get some sleep, so I set a goal to sleep past 7. I almost made it, waking from a wonderful dream at 6:20.

The dream was one of my own creation. I loved it. I was biking somewhere out east(I have been watching a lot of the Tour de France, and wishing I could be on my bike, not to mention that it was PERFECT riding weather yesterday). There was some kind of formal function afterwards where I was all tuxed-up, and my best friend and I gave a ride home to a wondefully beautiful woman. She said she was half Arabian, half Columbian with light brown eyes and blonde-highlighted curly brown hair. I was instantly smitten. For those of you who were expecting nasty details, I'm sorry. We only made out, but it was wonderful. She went home, I went to my hotel room, which was a cabin right across the street from her. In the morning we kissed again, and made plans to meet again, exchanging e-mails(dammit if I could remember her address!). My best friend and I drove back to Chicago, where we saw a helicopter fall off a hospital's roof and crash on the ground.

A strange ending for a wonderful dream.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's better than my dream of a "Dawn of the Dead" type where a group of us hid on a church rooftop and then had a giant half-tree, half-man chase us. I did take his legs out so we could get away. No blonde, green, red, or otherwise-highlighted haired women.


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