Thursday, November 18, 2004

Look what the cat dragged in.

Me. For the second night in a row, I was up well past my usual bedtime, and was up late catching up with an out-of-town friend. Drinks were had, sleep was lost, all in the still of the night. I also had yet another "I'm turning into my father" moments. Around about 1:45, I was aroused from my sleep by the television. Hm. I don't remember the TV being on in the first place. Because my room is right off the living room, I wandered out there to discover the TV blaring infomercials. I turned it off, and slinked back to bed, trying to not disturb my guest. Next thing you know I'll be walking around complainging about not being the electric company.

Anyways, I screwed up my back last night during therapy, so I've got my good ol' trusty patches out again, relieving muscle pain and making me smell like menthol cigarettes. Maybe not quite like the cigarettes themselves, but definitly menthol. It's weird, and definitely overpowers my after-shave gel.

Jen came over last night to help me decypher my new cookbook. I am very proud to say that I had relatively few questions, and got good answers. I now know a second definition of Dutch Oven- something I previously thought was farting under the bedsheets, then covering your bedmate's head with the covers. Not exactly a violation of the Geneva Convention, but defintely not something nice to do, either.

So, my culinary skills will undergo their latest test starting possibly as early as Monday- providing I can get some supplies this weekend and convince someone to take me to Target so I can buy some new kitchen accessories. I may now know what these things are, but I'm no expert on them. Not by a long shot.


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