Monday, November 22, 2004

Where the hell have I been?

You would think after a weekend like I had I would have jumped all over my blog and got you all caught up on my life. Alas, sorry to disappoint, but I've been busy writing pub quiz rounds for tomorrow night's quiz at the Globe. I'm done now.

So, let's catch up:

Friday, I had therapy, and we had an accident. I have an exercise with a band clipped to the wall that connects to a strap that's put around my knee that's closed with a caribiner. As I went to do my first one, it came undone, and slapped me in the back of my left leg, leaving a nice welt in the shape of said caribiner. That sure was nice-feeling. Surprised the hell out of me. Needless to say, my PT took it easy on me after that.

Later on, I went bar-hopping with some good friends and discovered a couple new places that will definitely have the misfortune of seeing my face again. I had way too much fun, stayed out too late, you know the routine.

Saturday, I woke up unhappy and hungover, but took a shower and got better. I headed out to Milledgeville for my grandparents' wedding anniversary, only to find no one at their house. I got concerned, but figured they had gone to one of my aunt's houses for some pre-party get-together. No worries, I'll just head to my other uncle's house and call my dad at his hotel and get the lowdown. No luck. Again, no one was home. No cell phone service, either. What next? I headed to my other grandparents' house, again, with the same goal in mind. They were, of course, totally surprised to see me(4 days early, too) but more than happy to help me get to where I was going. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that the event was from 4-6, instead of starting at 6. It was 4:26. I was late. Very late.

I jumped into some nicer clothes and back into the car to drive to a town I haven't been to in 20 years, and have never driven to, so it was a bit of an adventure just to get there. Everyone was happy to see me(they didn't know I was coming, either) and the party was great fun. Wound up hanging out with my dad and stepmom for quite a bit, even back at my grandparents' after the party.

Sunday was by far the best day. I got back to Chicago, went to Target and got some supplies for my kitchen to aid in my culinary development. Then, I started watching football. Let's just say this: I somehow managed to get every single damn game right. That's right. 15-0. And if the Patriots win tonight, I'll secure the first ever regular season perfect week in my league. Previously, I've gotten two perfect playoff weeks, but those were only 4-0 and 2-0(I'm still the only one to do that, even).

I know what you're thinking: "Dave, didn't you just totally jinx yourself?" Nope. At least, not so far. When I was a perfect in the morning games, I was getting a little cocky- and I still made it.

It doesn't really matter, though. I'd love to have a perfect week, but I'm also skating into first place right now, despite having really bad weeks for the past two or three.


I took interest for the first time in a long time in the action of a basketball game, and I'm sure you all know which one. Well, Detroit fans, I hope you enjoyed roving beer vendors and no limits on the number you could buy at a time, because you've lost both. I'd laugh and make fun of you, but it was just so sad and simultaneously funny to me that I don't have time to care.

Oh, and to wind up this extremely long post, here's a fun little quiz thingy from All Things Jen(nifer):

You are73% Libra


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