Monday, December 13, 2004

Always a ______, never a _______.

In following with my theory that whenever you come in early or stay late at your job, the first thing you should do is make sure everyone knows what a good little worker bee you are, I am posting right away this morning. Of course, I've already made myself a cup of tea, changed the hedge code and margin on some guy's account, and figured out where to find WXRT's streaming radio(it's really far too quiet here this morning), checked our communal e-mail and started up the sim trading database.

Anyways, I'm probably overstepping my bounds here, but I'm going to break some news before the news is broken by those in charge of making said news. Apologies to them. The point is, I've served many different roles in weddings: Acolyte, best man, groomsman(twice), videographer(twice), dj, fill-in speech giver for the maid of honor, hotel room "decorating" consultant, family photographer, and witness, but never before have I served in the roll of Bridesman. My big debut comes up in 285 days, at the Redhead-Accordion(or Accordion-Redhead, if you prefer) wedding. I am deeply honored to fill this role for my very dear and special friend Wendy and her betrothed, Joey. She is a wonderful person, he is a great man, and they make each other very happy, which, as I've said before, gives me great hope. Unfortunately, this means that I will not be donning my kilt for the ceremony. I will be wearing a lovely seafoam dress with pumps. I kid.

So, that's my big news this morning. I've got a pub quiz to write, so I'd better get on it, as it were. More later, providing my job doesn't eat up my day, as we're two people short today. So far, however, things have been quiet(knock of particle board).


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