Wednesday, December 22, 2004

How Logan's Dave Stole Christmas.

Of course, because Logan's Dave is an atheist, Christmas is usually not a big deal to me- when I worked retail, I was more than happy to put in a shift, or two, just for the double-time pay I knew I would receive. Now that I'm back to having a grown-up job with weekends and holidays off(well, sadly, the Canadian markets are open on Friday, so I'll be putting in a half-day), they just mean an extra day off, unfortunately this time, not during the week.

I was very happy today to come across this information, presenting the "top 5" movies for those who "just don't like Christmas." I guess I would be one of those people. The question then becomes, how many of these movies do I own? None. How many would I like to own? 4. Maybe that'll be a project for Friday when I get off work at 12. I'll hit up the DVD store and make me some purchases.

Sounds like fun, doesn't it?


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