Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Rumors of my untimely demise are completely untrue.

I've been apathetic towards the blog lately. I'm not sure why. I've just been so damn buzy it seems- without actually being that busy.

Anyways, if you're one of those folks who prays and all, say one for the victims of the fire on LaSalle last night. They deserve it. Me, I'm sending positive vibes.

Let me recap what happened to me this weekend(I've promised myself that I'm going to blog more on weekends, so I don't write this lengthy post all the time):

Friday I had PT, which was fun, then headed to dinner with my roommate at the Globe. Had a nice conversation with one of the waitresses who was mugged in my neighborhood(something that almost never happens). The cops caught the guy, and she took some time off to get healthy(she was hit in the head with a bottle). Afterwards, I headed up to friend A's house for a movie night, most of which we spent at the dive bar down the street, the Ho, the only bar I've been to so far that has a Polkaholics CD in the jukebox. We did eventually start a movie, but decided it was time for bed because we were proctoring the CFA exam the next morning at McCormick Place. This is the easiest way to $300 and a frontal lobotomy, as I put it to my friend T on Saturday night. We're not allowed to read, talk, or do anything but scowl at these poor test takers, making sure they don't cheat or talk or breath funny or anything other than answer questions on their test. It's kinda weird. It was during that time that "I Used to Love Her" by GnR came creeping into my head, and took up residence for most of the morning session. I had a minor brainstorm for an invention at one point- something I'm going to try to develop, but I need an electrical engineer to help out. More on that as it develops.

After the somewhat gruelling 11 hour day, A and I dropped off a couple other proctors and went to, for some reason, the Globe for dinner and drinks before I retired to my house for a pick-me-up shower before I attended the "holiday party" for badresa.com, my friend's e-zine about, well, all things Chicago. It was a good night, and I got to see a couple friends I hadn't seen since my birthday party, so I was a happy man.

Sunday, despite a moderate hangover in the morning(too many Iron City beers, I suspect) I noticed something about my new medication- I really feel sick to my stomach when I'm doing something I'm not supposed to do anyways, like drinking or eating fatty foods. The nausea is almost enhanced by these things. I'm trying not to think that my GP is passive-aggressively trying to get me to quit drinking and become a vegetarian.

Yesterday I wasted my day. Completely wasted it. I didn't do any of the things on my list to do: trip to the bank, grocery store, and hardware store. Laundry was finally started(but only after 4), but only halfway completed. The catbox wasn't cleaned, and the dishes weren't done. I sat on my ass, and damn but it felt good.

This morning I woke up, rolled over, and took my blood pressure. It was an amazing(for me lately, anyways) 106/64- not too shabby for someone who's cholesterol is so high I'm on that damn medication. It's also further proof that I should probably just stay in bed with my cat all day.


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