Wednesday, December 15, 2004

waking up.

I was up late last night. Late, at least, for a person who had to be here at 6, anyways. This isn't really a shocker. I'm horrible about going to bed on time.

Some friends of mine showed up for pub quiz last night. We are a rowdy bunch. There were drinks to drink. There was fun to be had. We did both. Not a good recipe for a bouncy, alert Dave in the morning.

So, my big beef of the moment is the shocking number of our clients who don't know what a hyphen is. I know I'm not all that good with my grammar, spelling or punctuation, but shit, at least I know that a hyphen(-) isn't a slash(/). A study should be done as to how many times a day I have to make that distinction.

Now that my brain is thawed out from it's, well, whatever funk held my synapses this morning, here's an article that has be all befuddled as to what our government is doing to protect us. I'm glad that we're spending millions and billions and trillions of dollars on shit that just doesn't work. If you go through the simulation, you'll find that these projectiles have no explosives. They rely on the force of the impact to destroy the incoming missile. Somehow, that doesn't make me feel any safer. Then again, if I spent all my time worrying about all the stupid shit that the government wants us to worry about so we'll vote republican and eventually lose all our personal freedoms, I'd probably have six uclers and be committed to the local institution that saw fit to care for me.

I'd also like to share the story that warmed my heart so well this morning. It's more than worth the read.


Blogger Postmodern Sass said...

Hi again, Dave. I'm so glad you liked the story about my grandfather. Do you have a Zippo? I already know you like hockey... if you carry a Zippo, too, I might just have to marry you. :)

Hyphens, yeah. Me, I can rant about apostrophes:

Ever try to say "tilde" to someone on the phone? Yeah. Good luck with that one.

6:57 PM  

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