Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Where have you gone, Logan's Dave?

I took the weekend off. I took yesterday off. I recuperated.

Sad is the commentary that I still felt the hangover from Friday night Sunday morning. Sad. I wasn't feeling all that well last night, either. But I got through it. Let's do a brief recap, then go about our days, shall we?

Friday my friends got into town, so, we met at Ginger's Ale House for dinner and drinks. Upon my arrival, my favorite 3 year old(pictured here) came running up for a big hug. It was great. He was even wearing a Pogues t-shirt, which pretty much made the evening for me. After dinner, his mom L and I headed out on the town with my best friend, and we got our drink on, even meeting up with my roommate at one point, then abandoning all hope and heading to my favorite taqueria. Life was good.

Saturday, despite all my hungover misery(I may be getting too old for this shit) I managed to have lunch with them, and found some unique holiday presents for my dad. I also stopped by Best Buy for some cartridges for my printer, and, of course, a quick look in the cheap DVD bin yielded a purchase of 2010. Not the world's best movie, but for a guy who likes as much bad Sci-Fi as I do, it hits the spot. I also bought myself one of these little gizmos, and spend most of my morning off yesterday playing Galaga in my underwear.

Saturday night was an interesting experiment: can Dave care for a 3 year old, by himself, at a Wolves' game? The answer is a resounding yes. Little G and I had quite the time- watching the game, hanging out, having fun. He got a little scared during the introduction, with all the fireworks and flames and the like, so we had to vacate our seats for a minute, but he really got into the game. And the cotton candy- I repeatedly reminded him to take little person bites instead of shoving gargantuan amounts of sugar into his mouth. A big shout-out goes to the firefighters sitting next to us(it was firefighters' night I guess) one of which gave G his free hat. Quoth the toddler "woah!" It was fun. It retriggered the paternal instincts in me, as he always does.

I spent Sunday hanging out, then went to Raven's to watch the football games, which included the ugliest win in Vikings history. I got to witness this exchange between my friend B, the bartender, and E, one of the other football fanatics there:

E: I think he'll make the hall of fame, first round, but it'll be posthumously.
B: Why would it be posthumous?
E: Well, because he's dead.

For some reason, this completely cracked me up. Could be my sick sense of humor. Could be I'm just weird. Could have been, I suppose, the alcohol. Time will tell.

Yesterday, I just relaxed. I had PT around noon, hung out there for a bit, headed home, didn't do much of anything, honestly. It was nice.

That's my weekend update. More later, after I write tonight's pub quiz.


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