Monday, December 13, 2004

Yet another exchange with the mind-bogglingly stupid.

This one, well, was worse than pulling teeth. I might as well have been trying to help my cat use the computer. At least she knows when to give up and just be cute:

Me: What program are you using?
Cust: I don't know.
Me: Well, what does it look like?
Cust: It's normal, it's all working normal.
Me(frustration building): How did you access it?
Cust: I accessed it normally, you know...
Me: Sir, I'm trying to figure out what program of ours you're using. Telling me that you access it "normally" doesn't help. How, exactly did you access it?
Cust: Oh, I click on the icon and I go to, click on the login.
Me: You're using our website, you might want to keep that in mind for future calls. Now, what screen are you going to to get quotes?
Cust: I'm not going to any screen, I'm just going to the page with the create order, quite quote...
Me: That's the futures orders screen, sir.
Cust: Oh.
Me: So, are you using your snapshot quotes or using quick quote?
Cust: I put in SF for Swiss Franc, then March, then 04 for the year...
Me: That won't work, you need to put in 05 for the year, otherwise you're trying to get a quote on a long-since expired contract.
Cust(laughing): Oh, how stupid of me, that's my problem.
VIMH*: That's not your only problem, asshat oh-ooooooooooooh!

Oh, how I love Mondays. I need a drink.

* Please recall that the Voice in My Head is played by the late, great Sam Kinison. Somehow it makes sense.


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