Monday, January 24, 2005

I brake for memes.

Got this one off of Serial Blogonomy:

What color is most reflective of you? Black, I guess. I wear it the most.

How did you get the idea for your journal name? This was(is) a blog about turning thirty, Logan's Run is a movie about a society where you die when you turn thirty. Combine that with my experiences regarding turning 30, and you get Logan's Dave.

What time were you born? 10:37 pm Central.

What song are you playing now, or wish you were playing? As of this particular instance, I have Tegan & Sarah in my head.

Has the death of a celebrity ever made you cry? Yes.

What color underwear are you wearing? Plaid

Do you want a baby? Probably more than one, but I'm not sure.

What does your dad do for a living? Teacher

What does your mom do for a living? Retail Manager

What is your pet's name? Mia

What color are your bedsheets? Notice the pattern: Plaid flannel.

What are the last 3 digits of your phone number? 799.

What was the last concert you attended? Pixies @ the Aragon.

Who was with you? Friends and friends-of-friends.

What was the last movie you saw? Team America: World Police(again)

Who do you dislike most at this moment? Customers.

What food are you craving right now? Pepperoni pizza.

Did you dream last night? Yep. You don't want to know.

What was the last tv show you watched? WGN Morning News

What is your fave piece of jewelry? Celtic ring.

What is to the left of you? My co-worker.

What was the last thing you ate? Plastic tasting Healthy choice.

Who is your best friend of the opposite sex? Jess.

Write a song lyric that's in your head? I Think I Love You by Partridge Family(my friend and I are iming, and I tend to write songs with her name infused into it, and this particular day, I've worked that song out with her name in it).

Who last imed you? Um, see above.

Where is your significant other right now? Probably working.

Do you have a crush? Always.

What shampoo do you use? I don't. Bald men don't need shampoo.

When was the last time you cut your hair? If shaving counts, this morning.

Are you on any meds? Yes. To stop fats from entering my system.

Do you have a mental disease? That's debatable.

What shirt are you wearing? A sort of tan-colored shirt for work.

What time is it? 2:08 pm.

What color is your razor? Silver and green.

What is your fave frozen treat? Ice cream.

Are you sexy? Too sexy for Milan, New York and Japan.

What's your favorite shopping store? Outside of groceries, I don't really shop that often.

Are you thirsty? Not really.

Can you imagine yourself ever getting married? That's the plan.


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