Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Leiutenant Logan.

Team mopundow's first ever meeting was last night. We talked about what we need, who's going to be on the team, and how we're going to raise money. And we drank.

It was good. I'm a little worried about the overall size of the team, as it seems to be potentially quadrupling over last year's 4 riders and 1 "crew chief." With 15 on a team, we're going to need at least 2 crew people, and I'm breaking the team into squads- hence, promoting myself to Leiutenant.

On second thought- I don't like the military analogy. Instead, we're going to make it into a hockey analogy. I will be captain, and I will have two assistant captains.

Anyways, a poorly judged salad from last night is making today's stomach relatively unhappy- but I'm going to fight through it.

Damn- I just realized I have a pub quiz to write for tonight. I'd better get on that.


Blogger jen said...

Leiutenant? Might I cite Wikipedia on this?

"Lieutenant: The word is pronounced loo-tenant in American English and usually lef-tenant in British English. The Royal Navy, however, traditionally pronounce the word as l'tenant which is a closer anglicised approximation of the original French."

Now that you've been grammatically bee-otch slapped, think I might nominate myself for Corporal or Staff Sergeant?

11:21 AM  

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