Friday, January 21, 2005

More news you can use, or: War Begins with W.

Check out this report from American Progress about how much money the W spent on his inauguration.

I got to thinking about this, and I've noticed a pattern. Bush the Senior didn't "accomplish" Iraqi freedom(although this was not the ultimate goal), so Junior goes out and "does" it. During his first inauguration, people threw eggs at his limo, and he didn't get to make the "traditional" walk to the White House.

So, it seems that for the Bushes, the second time around is always more expensive and more shit gets blown up.

Special thanks to the red states for helping make this possible.

Special thanks to Tony Pierce for posting it.

Special thanks to Wonkette, for posting a list of the signs along the parade route, including my personal favorite, War Begins with W.


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