Thursday, January 27, 2005

Most people barely make it a week.

I broke resolution number one last night- I was out til all hours on a school night. I didn't really plan on going out- I was content to sit at home, make dinner and watch a movie, until my friend called, asking about getting a drink. A drink turned into many drinks, turned into me abandoning them at the bar and walking home in the snow, only to slip and fall, rather painfully, and crawl into bed. Fortunately for me, I managed to set the alarm on my cell phone, so I wasn't terribly late. Unfortunately for me, I'm still awake and I'm still here.

At one of the places I went a guy recognized me from my picture from Red Eye yesterday. Another friend asked me to sign my picture, at which point I agreed, and wrote "See you in the car, Milhouse."

I am so funny.

I am also tired as all get out. Remember, however, that I made my bed, so here I lie.


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