Friday, January 28, 2005


It's pretty infrequently that I get to use my skills as a contractor anymore, except when I'm doing some mundane little project around my house, like staining bookshelves(which was tremendously different from all the doors I stained, thereby trashing my staining skills). Last night was different. I was watching the end of a movie I started Wednesday night when I noticed that I had a voice message. Hm. I didn't hear the phone ring. Upon research it was my dear friend Jen. She has fuse issues in her apartment building- I'm not sure who wired the thing, but they should be taken out back and shot immediately. She blows fuses rather often- to the point that she has a little list of what appliances, etc can be used simultaneously and what cannot.

Turns out that she blew yet another fuse, and had to reset the breaker. The bad news was, her apartment management company decided to change the door to the laundry room, where the fuse boxes are, and put a new lock on it, and completely failed to give keys to any of the tenants. The problem, of course, was that the blown fuse left her without heat, or the use of any outlet in her apartment. She could turn on her overhead lights, but no lamps, no TV, no computer, no fridge, and worst of all, NO HEAT. This is a problem when temperatures are expected to reach as low as 5.

After several threatening calls, and one to me to see if I could um, break into her basement, we decided that the best course of action was a temporary reassignment to my apartment. I brought her cat over, she packed up her groceries. Now, when Jen and I lived together with out two cats, they got along, but only after months of fights and growling. Nowadays, when they see each other, it's a rather bad situation. They hiss, they growl, they keep us up all night hissing and growling and being generally grumpy kitties. It's not fun.

The kitties are now alone and unattended in my apartment. I expect there is a slow, tense battle going on- and I'm not too excited about seeing what kind of mess they contributed to the other messes already in place in my apartment.

Her management company has promised that she will have a key when she gets home this afternoon. I remain, as always, suspicious of that. We shall see.


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