Friday, January 07, 2005


I discovered yesterday that people were wondering where the hell I was.

Well, like clockwork, every two or three years I get sick. Really sick. It's funny, because I so rarely get sick, but, as mentioned, every once in a while, I just get the crap kicked out of me. Ladies and Gentlemen, this happened this week. I have some kind of stomach flu, it seems, and it has completely knocked me out of commission.

What's weird is I felt it coming on- I just wasn't sleeping, so I started tripling my Vitamin C intake, lots of fruit and the like. But I continued to feel more and more run down- finally, Tuesday night, I was so tired that I almost cancelled pub quiz. Wednesday morning, I woke up, took a shower, and, without going into the nasty details, discovered that I was definitely sick. After heading to PT in the afternoon, I stopped by the Osco on my way home, and helped a woman get her car unstuck(she had driven over the concrete parking-space bumper, and couldn't get back over). In retrospect, this was not the best situation to help out in, as I was already sick. Ergo, yesterday was worse. This morning, I do believe that my fever has broken, so I thought I'd drop a line to y'all.

Through the whole time, there's been at least one person who has taken care of me as best as she can. Unfortunately, she just doesn't go to the store for me. She sure does like having me around, and not too willing to move all that much, though.

What makes me mad is that we've had a winter wonderland here in Chicago, and I've missed out on it completely. No fun in the snow for Dave. Oh well.


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