Monday, January 24, 2005

Snow Bound.

I know that my friends further East of me are dealing with the same thing I dealt with this weekend: SNOW. Loads and loads of the crappy white stuff.

I did manage to go out on Friday night- and had a wonderful time, especially when my companion and I were in cabs- certainly the life-threatening aspect of cab passengership was multiplied by the snow. Life and limb were spared. Saturday around 3 I went out and shoveled the sidewalk by our building, only to have 6 more inches fall on top of the path I cut through the mess. Such is life. Frequent calls from my cabin-fever-struck friend T caused me great worry, especially after he told me that not only was he cleaning off his car, but that he wanted to drive the 6 miles to my house and go for a drink. I flat-out refused. I wasn't going out. I was staying in with my Netflix and a bottle of wine, and I was going to have fun. Fun was had.

Yesterday I was bored. Until pub quiz, anyways, there were barely a dozen people there, and a photographer from Metromix showed up. This could be, my friends, the 3rd time I've been in a Chicagoland daily newspaper in the last 6 months. My fame is starting to go to my head. Bow to me.

I kid.

I've written more than half of the rounds for tomorrow night's quiz, the article was NOT in this weekend's Trib, so I guess I'll be waiting a week for that.

Everything else is going all hunky-dory. So far.


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