Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Time Remaining: 4 minutes 46.875 seconds

Last night, as I was sitting and chatting with a couple of friends from my pub quiz, the bartender, B walked up to me and said: "Dave, the guy down at the end of the bar is here from the Tribune to interview you about pub quiz." I moved down the bar so I could talk to him. We had a nice talk, he had a lot of questions about how pub quiz worked, why I run it, stuff like that. He decided, after talking to me, that the way to really get to know it was to come back and play. I was thrilled, so I brought him back and had him sit on a team. He introduced himself and asked the players questions- it was really fun to have him around. After half an hour or so, the photographer showed up and took quite a few pictures of myself, the players, and the bar. I was told that the article will be in the Q section in one of the Sunday editions in the next 2-4 weeks. More information on that as it becomes available.

So, this event made me curious as to how many of my 15 minutes of fame guaranteed me by the Constitution of Andy Warhol were left, so I devised an elaborate Excel spreadsheet to help determine this. It multiplies the duration of said exposure(an scale for written media follows how long, essentially, it takes to read said material), multiplied by the exposure(i.e., worldwide tv, 5, large-market TV 3, local cable access for my HS, .5), multiplied by the percentage of recognizablity of yours truly. That gives me a "scaled time", which I then subtracted from 15. What surprises me is, well, time's running out. Of course, I might have to tweak some of these numbers- I don't like the fact that the cable broadcast of my HS talent show performances(totaling about 10 minutes) uses up 5 minutes of my 15. That just seems wrong. I'm also not including any internet fame I may have, even though, as I've learned through Googlebation, that searching for my name takes your straight to, well, what you're reading right now.

Well, for now, we'll leave the remaining time at 4:46.875.


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