Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The continuing story of pissy mood Tuesday

So, after I left work yesterday, after a particularly annoying day of being in a constant state of pissy with any and all callers, I was walking in the rain to deposit my big-fat paycheck when a bus drove too close to the curb and sprayed myself and 4 other people with rainwater. Hm. I hate(and by hate I mean absofuckinglutely loathe) having my socks wet. But there I was, in the half snow, half rain, pants and socks soaked, and ever so angry at the world.

I continued to squish my way to my bank, where my problems continued- suddenly I was completely unable to use an ATM keypad- I had to re-enter my deposit amount something like 4 times before I finally got it right, on the second ATM machine. Seems like the Angry Dave got a hold of the trying-to-run-his-life Dave and havoc ensued. Finally, I had finished, so I headed to my train, which was, guess what, leaving as I walked up. Grr. So, I trudged up the stairs, still in the rain, still pissed off, and waited on the platform for the damn train to come.

Things finally started looking up when I got to the UPS Store so I could send a package to Accordion Guy so I can be properly fitted for a barong, which I will be wearing at a certain gala event this fall. I had fun, talking with the woman working there. I'm a flirt. I can't help it.

After that, I went home, and got amazingly mad at my computer. It seems I've got some major spyware in my machine, and I haven't been able to completely eliminate it yet. That's a project I'm going to tackle tonight. Then the black cartridge in my color printer went out. Then the damn computer crashed(again). Finally, pub quiz was printed, and I was comfortably on the couch when I realized I was really damn hungry, and needed food. I decided to eat at the Globe, and held a good pub quiz, fun was had by all, and drinks were a-plenty. I love nights like that.

And fortunately, despite sleeping in, I had hot water this morning. Somehow, today just seems so much brighter because of it.


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