Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Funny way to start my day.

Ok. I give up. My resolutions are crawling, helpless on the floor.

I was out late last night, chatting with my pub quizzers. I think I should just accept the fact that once a week, I'm going to stay out too late. At least I'm not paying out the nose for beer. That's a minor consolation.

Anyways, here's a pick from today's Onion:

From today's Onion.
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What's got me all excited about this picture? Look at the sweatshirt. I went to that college. At least, I went there for a while, before I decided to cut my losses and move into the corporate world. Honest. Here's a shot of me laying on the sidewalk by Shaw Field. Here's one of me at Scottish Country Fair, having a beer in front of Old Main. Note the kilt.

So, I'm a little proud of my alma mater today.


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