Friday, February 18, 2005

How to turn your day around in 20 easy ounces.

After yesterday's debacle of a day, I decided I needed some serious at home, relaxation time. As I'm riding the train home yesterday, we pull into my stop, and I look up to see an old friend and co-worker in the same car. As we exit, I stop him. We exchange pleasantries, then decide to go to the Globe for "a pint." A pint quickly turned into holy-shit-we've-been-here-for-3-hours. It was not my intention to drink my sorrows away, but at least I got to catch up with a good friend(we're talking about forming a band, which I'm very, very excited about) and as we were sitting there drinking away, another old friend pops in, and buys us a round. It was a very pleasant way to spend my evening, I just wished I hadn't drank so much without eating.

I managed to make it home in time for CSI, then I taped er, because they're pretty much all the tv I watch outside of the Simpsons. I was passed out by 10:15, and happy as hell to be so.

So, apologies to those I see from my phone records I had long conversations with. I was a little drunk. And probably babbling.


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