Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Meme of ages

1. Song that sounds like happy feels: Summertime Rolls by Jane's Addiction sounds like what love feels, so we'll call it happy.

2. Earliest memory: My brother and I had a 45 of Octopus' Garden by the Beatles when we were kids. We played it until the grooves weren't grooves anymore. And I still love that song.

3. Last CD you bought: I bought some Perfect Circle CD for my best friend a while back. Sadly my music purchases have been pretty lean lately- time for me to hit the stores!

4. Reminds you of school:
Elementary: Anything Beatles, specifically Octopus' Garden, early on at least.
Jr. High: Out of Touch by Hall and Oates(I know- believe me, I know).
High School: The Joker by Steve Miller(I played it for senior year talent show).

5. Total music files on your PC : Oodles and oodles. It seems the person who had my PC at work before I did had quite the collection. I made sure it was transferred to the new machine.

6. For listening to repeatedly when depressed: Johnny Cash Unearthed Disc 3.

7. Sounds British, but isn't: I don't pay that close of attention usually.

8. Tune you love, band you hate: Uncle John's Bed by Grateful Dead

9. A favorite from the past that took ages to track down: Try finding Walt Mink albums these days. It's damn near impossible.

10. Bought the album for one good song: Shit- only once? I've done that so many times I couldn't begin to count.

11. Best Song to Get Stuck in your Head: Dry the Rain by Beta Band

12. Song ( or songs) that best describes YOU: Cure for Pain by Morphine, A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash(not only do I love Johnny, but Shel Silverstein as well), I could go on and on and on on this one.

13. Worst song to get stuck in your head: Anything I hate. But I usually chase it away with Private Dancer by Tina Turner. Works wonders.

Thanks to Jamie for posting this.


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