Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Pissy Mood. (Part II)

This morning, there was no hot water for my shower, perhaps the most important part of my mood-setting in the morning. There was also no hot water for the essential shave this morning, further darkening my mood. Next up? It's raining. Grr. Things are not getting better.

In order to combat my gloomy, pissy mood, I decided that wardrobe would help: mustard yellow shirt that fits well and makes me generally happy, black tie with white barcode on it(definitely in my top 3 favorite ties) and my t-shirt? It's my infamous Real Men Wear Kilts shirt. Thanks to the relative sheerness of my mustard yellow shirt, you can just make out the letters beneath, too.

Anyways- time to muddle through.

Part 2 is all about how it's taken 10 minutes for me to be able to post this.


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