Monday, February 07, 2005

Poetic Justice or something like that.

This follow-up interview is yet another homage to Tony Pierce.

Hi, Dave.

Hello, Internet.

So, what's got you smiling this morning, are you a Patriots fan or something?

No. Despite a large percentage of my friends being from the Boston area, I was not rooting for the Patriots yesterday. Not that I'm a Philadelphia fan, either, but in cases where I don't really care, I almost always root for the NFC. Old habit.

So, what's got you smiling?

A funny thing happened this morning, and I felt a certain bit of justice was served. I was ironing my shirt this morning when I heard two loud bangs from outside. Mia shot awake, and looked kinda scared, so I walked to the window to see what I could see. Sadly, I couldn't see anything going on, so I went back to ironing. I finished up, and left the house to go to work.

What happened then?

Well, remember back in our first interview together, I was talking about the asshole in the red Toyota half ton who tried to run me over?

Oh yeah. That was scary.

Well, I walked out the door, and sitting in the middle of my street was the topper to his truck.


Hell, yeah. I was laughing as I pulled it out of the middle of the street, trying, of course, not to make too much noise dragging it, but not enough to prevent a couple undoubtedly nasty scratches to it. It's a good thing I moved it, too, as there was a car who was about to make a left turn and run right over it. I didn't want that asshole's stupidity to hurt anyone else. I saw him last week, too. Doing the same thing as when he almost hit me- and yet again, he managed to not stop at the stop sign.

Wow. This guy sounds like a real dick.

I'm sure he is. Although I don't him outside of our "incident." I suppose he could be a real humanitarian, but I'll believe that when I see it. Anyways, if it's still there when I get home, I'll call a salvage company or better yet- the city and have him ticketed for littering. That would be hilarious.

Yeah it would. Have a good day, Dave.

You, too, Internet.


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