Tuesday, February 22, 2005

What I did with the rest of my weekend.

Because all I really touched on was Sunday's pub quiz, I thought I'd write about the rest of my weekend.

Friday- was the burger night with my friend A. We drank too much, barhopped, and kept picking up stragglers. It was fun. A learned two things about me: I'm a baritone, and that I can play guitar. Personally, I'm convinced she already knew these facts, she just doesn't keep them in the "I need to know this about Dave someday" folder in her head. No big.

Saturday- did NOT do my taxes, clean my kitchen or bathroom. Watched movies, avoided all responsibility, and decided I would take care of it tomorrow. It, of course, being all the shit I wrote out to get done before I went out Friday night. My other friend A and I went to Gio's and tore it up. I performed The Alabama Song, A Boy Named Sue, and Every Rose Has Its Thorn, then did a duet with A on You Shook Me All Night Long and with several people did You've Lost that Lovin' Feelin'. It was wonderful.

Sunday I spent recouperating from Saturday's debauchery. Finally I got my shit together to get some computer work done. After pub quiz, I hung out with friends, far, far too late into the night.

Yesterday was pretty low-key. I worked on some rounds for pub quiz, suddenly realizing at 3 that I hadn't had lunch yet, so I went out and got some food, then headed to bed nice and early. Nothing too exciting there, I know.

My arch nemesis at this job has called already once today. My boss told me that he called back on Friday, after keeping me here late, right after I left the office. Now he's got two arch nemesises(sp?) here. Myself and my boss. Good luck with that one, pal.


Blogger Henry said...

Drunken debauchary on weekends: GOOD
Drunken debauchary on weeknights: Violatoin of Dave's 2005 Commandments.

Just a reminder, kind of like a hemorrhoid.



9:23 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Ah, but thanks to the President's Day Loophole, Sunday night was not a school night. Lucky for me.

Besides, I had a good reason for staying out late.

7:45 AM  

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