Tuesday, March 08, 2005

As usual, good point.

Cynthia left a comment back on this post that I have yet to share the earth-shattering news. She's very good at keeping me on my toes and honest to my readers. A round of applause definitely should go her way.

No, I'm not getting married. Yet.
No, I'm not a Mega Millions winner. Yet.

But I am going to be an uncle. Well, a step-uncle, as it were. My oldest step-sister from my fathers second marriage is going to have a baby in September.

Of course, I am already, technically a step-uncle to several children, but through my mother's second marriage, and I don't know them nearly as well, almost all of my step dad's children are older than I am, so while I am closer in age to them, I relate better with my step sisters, as they lived in the same house I lived in(although they have lived there a whole lot longer than I did), and I watched them grow up.

That's the part that's really getting me- that I'm 10 years older than she is. Although props to my dad for saying "I think my step-children will reproduce before my biological children do." Little did he know how right he is. While my brother is married, I don't think they're in that big a hurry to have kids. Myself, while I still have paternal instincts, strong ones at that, am still playing the field looking for Ms. Right.

So, there you have it, folks. The big, fat, honkin' bombshell. Dropped, defused, and explained.


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