Friday, March 11, 2005


There's a certain snobbishness about me. It comes from years of working jobs where I answer questions for people I deem to be stupid.

Mind you, I try to not judge people, but sometimes, when I hear or see a member of the general public open their mouth, I cringe in anticipation of what's going to come out.

For instance, when I worked in a record store, if someone walked in, went to the stacks and couldn't find something, then asked, I was more than happy to help them. The people I wasn't happy to help were the ones that didn't try- the ones that walked in the door, and asked to be shown where something was.

Basically, I see it this way- in the real world(ie, outside of school) you are expected to assimilate information on your own. You're a grown up. You should only need help if you've exhausted your ability to analize the information that is presented to you. Say, in the forms of big, well-lit signs that say "Jazz Section" and the like.

So, when I get a call today from a client who wants to make some changes on what quotes he accesses. This is a simple task, but for some reason, he chose to call us up, because he couldn't find the actual area to change his quotes. The reason why?

Oh, it's good.

He was on the right page, but hadn't scrolled down.

Come on, world. Give me a damn break. Learn to read.


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