Monday, March 14, 2005

RIP, ChicaGo Card

Sadly, it's time for me to say goodbye to a dear friend. My ChicaGo Card Plus up and died this morning.

Despite having heard stories about the ease of breaking CTA cards, I never took any precautions to protect my CTA card from the cruel outside world. I carry it in my breast pocket, usually, and on my walk to the train(a grand total of a block and change), I usually palm it in my glove, as it's still kinda cold out.

I, and my card, paid for it this morning.

As I walked into the station, the person in front of me had just released the door, and it was swinging shut. I reached out with my right hand, palming my CTA card, and held the door. What I didn't count on was the impact on my hand would cause it to close, ever so slightly, and snap went the card.

This also has the upsetting nature of making the card unusable- so I'm stuck using the "old fashioned" cards that you actually have to dip into the machine. Not something I'm looking forward to at all.

But, here we are.

Sorry, old friend. I hope things are ok for you in that big CTA Station in the sky.


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