Tuesday, March 08, 2005

So, Lisa, do you like, stuff?

I had a weird morning. First, I had a wonderfully bizarre dream that involved public transportation here in Chicago. I was at the Chicago el stop, playing guitar for a group of people who were limboing. Very odd. It was topped off with an evil James Brown-looking guy who carried a scepter that was a microphone. Somehow I wound up in Winnetka by taking the wrong train, which turned into a bus. Eventually I just woke myself up, because things just got too damn weird(thank you lucid dreaming).

What's even stranger is that as I was headed to work this morning, my train pulled into the Paulina stop, and we were told that the train was being taken out of service. Wow. There's nothing like a relatively crowded train suddenly having to disembark, then wait for another oddly crowded train to board and sardine our way to work. I wasn't happy about that.

But, I think it's kinda weird that I had that dream, then that experience.


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