Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Thankfully, our customers haven't resorted to this.


Check out what an irked customer did to his tech support helpers in Norway. Kinda scary.

When I worked at Tower, I had more than a few customers threaten me. One, because I started charging her late fees for her videos. It turned out her 20-year-old daughter was sleeping with one of the supervisors, who waived their fees, and when he left for California, well, no more booty, no more free movies. It was funny. It was funnier when she wasn't allowed to rent with us anymore. Much funnier.

Another guy was trying to return an open VHS tape, and was swearing up and down. I repeatedly asked him to conduct himself in a courteous manner, that I would not be able to help him if he continued to berate me and swear in a public place. Eventually, security was called in, at which time he told me that he'd be waiting outside. He wasn't there when I got off work. I know because I waited for him.

Those are just a couple of times I had that honor of being the object of someone's hate, to the point that they wanted to threaten me. Of course, being the guy running Ticketmaster onsales for 2 years in a row kinda makes you an easy target.

What fun.


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