Thursday, March 24, 2005

What a difference a day almost made.

It's amazing to me, how whenever I take a day off, instead of returning to work refreshed, perky, and patient with people, I actually come back and become instantly pissy, grumpy and without any goddamn patience for any dumbass who has the misfortune of calling me. I used to think the problem was the callers. And I still think it's them.

I had one guy earlier who just didn't get the idea that today was Thursday, not Wednesday. He was an experienced trader that didn't understand that a market that is open almost 24 hours would report information from 3am. He also needed help with the fact that 13:00 means 1:00.


Frustration which was compounded by a person who didn't understand that if you have multiple copies of a program running, you're going to see multiple icons in your task bar. Frustration was then pushed beyond all logical limits by a man who would simply not follow any directions whatsoever, and I'm damn happy that I'm off for the next 2 days.

I am, however, working in our Network Operation Center on Sunday. Some quiet solitude and still more overtime will do me wonders. When I finally get paid for all this.

Thursday stands to be a very, very good day in the life of your humble narrator.


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