Friday, April 29, 2005

Analogy of the day.

Because I'm not actually allowed to say things like this to our customers, I thought I'd vent his idea through a fake phone call.

Customer: So, do you know [insert question] about [insert company]'s software?
Me: No, we supply support for [our company]'s software only.
Customer: So, I'll have to call that company to get information about their software.
Me: Well, would you call the electric company and ask them about your gas service?
Customer: Well, no.
Me: And why is that?
Customer: Why would the electric company know about my gas service?
Me: Now you know where I'm coming from, asshat.

It's such a commonplace situation around here, it's astounding.

Anyways, my mini-marathon day is coming to an end, thankfully. I'm off to deposit my paycheck and head home. Hurray. I need the rest.


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