Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fool's Dave

It truely is a day full of fools around here. Here's a sample:

Me: Just click on Refresh.
Customer: Refresh?
Me: The refresh button in your Internet Explorer.
Customer: There's a refresh button? Where?
Me: It's one of the buttons on your Internet Explorer- you know, Back, Forward, Stop, Refresh and Home?
Customer: There's a refresh button?

I wish I were kidding. Another:

Customer: After I place the order, it shows up in the working orders screen, but not in fills and positions.
Me: That's right. You won't see it in the fills and positions window until the order is filled.
Customer: But why is it in working orders?
Me: Because it is an unfilled, working order.
Customer: And what does the fills and positions show?
Me: Orders that have been filled and previous positions. Fills and positions.

These people amaze me. How do they actually remember to breathe?


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