Sunday, April 24, 2005

Bringing down the house.

I quite literally had the room at Gio's laughing to tears last night. Maybe not everyone, but J, the guy who runs the show, couldn't stop crying, he was laughing so hard.

How did I acheive such an amazing feat?

The last song of the evening was starting up. It was Jack and Diane, and he invited some of us regulars up to help out with the song. I told everyone to follow my lead, and I turned that mutha out, Eric Cartman style. It was hilarious, scary, and probably the most laughter that's ever occured in that bar at one time.

I first sang that song ala Eric Cartman years ago, Jen and I were driving around Chicago in her car, and the aforementioned song came up on the tape, and out it came.

I had my hand in a few other songs, and did the Joker again, as well as Stuck in the Middle with You. It was also my friend R's birthday, so my companion and I sang Birthday by the Beatles for him.

It was a very, very god night.


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