Friday, April 29, 2005

Logic circuits are not currently engaged.

I've been at work for an hour already. Problem is, I'm usually hopping out of the shower about now, getting ready to shave my head. Alas, here I am.

My alarm went off at a very, very early 3:23. I turned it off. I went back to sleep. No, thank you, too early. Fortunately, I had also set my trusty palm-pilot(now the lord of my mind) to wake me up 90 minutes before I had to be to work, so the cavalry came riding up, and somehow got me into the shower. Things ran pretty smoothly after that, save for the missing deodorant, but I worked through it. My adventures were just getting started, though.

The CTA doesn't run my train line 24 hours a day, and Metra trains don't run that early in the morning. I could have hopped on the Brown Line and headed to Belmont, as far as the line goes before 5am, but I would have had to change trains first to the Red, then, once I was downtown, to the Blue so I could get to work. When I finally got to my station, I noticed I had just missed the train. Shit. I had another 15 minutes before the next one, and I would have been very late.

So I turned around, left the station, and noticed a bus coming up. Ah- I'll hop the bus, then get to the Red Line and take it downtown, but I'll have to hit it right away. At Sheridan, I hopped off the bus, and realized something rather fortuitous- I was just down the street from the famous late-night bar, Nick's Uptown, and seeing as the time was only 30 minutes past closing, I had a pretty strong chance of getting a cab. I didn't hear a train, so the decision was made to jump in a cab.

I got here and was at my desk at 4:50. Four-fucking-fifty. I'm supposed to go see a movie with a bunch of friends tonight, then Red and I are going out after she gets off of work. At some point, I think I'm going to hit up the laundromat, and hopefully, the guy who never naps will be able to take a nap. Otherwise I'm going to be completely useless.

We'll just have to see, won't we?


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