Thursday, April 21, 2005

Me so sleepy.

Last night was my first night "off" in a while. By off, I mean that I didn't have plans, at least, not pressing ones, and didn't have to be anywhere or spend any money or even wear pants, if I didn't want to.

I did have work to do around the house. My desk and dining room are desperate for a makeover. I surveyed the situation with a certain amount of gloom, as it's a rather large project with lots and lots of facets I didn't want to think about.

For one thing, I tend to be a bit of a pack-rat. For some reason, I've been saving my paystubs from my current job. I don't need to. My taxes are rather straightforward, which makes it more ironic that I file said taxes so late in the year(as in, electronically, on Friday). I hadn't filed a single one since November or so. Oops. They were strewn all over my desk, which was about 3 inches deep with paper. I'm a slob, I guess, when it comes to my desk.

I am reminded of a passage from one of Kurt Vonnegut's books(I think it's Timequake, but don't remember), where he relates the story of his brother being criticized for having a messy lab. His brother taps his temple while saying "if you think this is messy, you should see what it's like in here."

I feel that way about my mind, sometimes. Okay, frequently. I believe in the associative nature of the brain, similar to Freud. Was I a Freudian psych major? Nope. I don't believe that a progressive science should automatically fall into only two schools of thought. That's like trying to describe the world in the Life Line exercise from Donnie Darko. But I digress. My feelings about the human psyche are so well documented in this blog, I'd be wasting time discussing it again.

Anyways, now that I've completely strayed off topic.

I managed to get started on rearranging the living room, but I also realized how damn exhausted I was(all play and work makes Dave a tired boy), and wound up sitting on the couch by about 9:15, fighting to keep my eyelids open. I lost the good fight, friends. I wound up under the covers, sleeping with my glasses and the TV on. Then the phone started ringing, but, as always, no one, ever, is to blame. My friends know that it's very rare that I'm in bed at a proper time. They also know that I'm usually awake for 18 or 19 hours each day, so it's a pretty good bet that if you call, I'll be awake to answer.

I slept pretty well, too. I had my room nice and cold, and my cat cuddled, as she is apt to do, right up against me. I'm sure we were obnoxiously cute. Then, my internal alarm clock, which rarely, if ever, allows me to sleep more than 6 and a half hours in a row, woke me up nice and early. Oops. Mia was not happy with the abridged cuddle session, but I'm sure she'll get over it.

But morning has broken, and the futures and options traders of the world need me.


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